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We are a family and a team at Spring House Health and Wellness. My husband and I have experienced autoimmune disorders that lead us to look at optimizing our health. At Spring  House, we believe detoxification is the key to rejuvenating energy as well as optimizing  health and wellness. 

We have witnessed first-hand the rise in autoimmunity among ourselves, family, and friends, as well as the nation. We have practiced  holistic approaches that facilitated our wellness journey, the first being colon hydrotherapy. Detoxification has been key in maintaining energy, and vitality. I was a colon hydrotherapy client for ten years. I became an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist in 2017. I never want people to feel that they have no hope when it comes to constipation or other digestive issues.

Our nation has a gut health crisis, and if you have been to your physician, you are aware there is little to no help. Patients are offered harsh stimulant laxatives or expensive pharmaceutical drugs that for most part, are not effective. Many are told by their physicians "you have to live with it”. THIS IS NOT TRUE, colon hydrotherapy has helped many people overcome serious digestive problems. It is not an overnight fix, but it is a goal that can be met in most cases. Sometimes the bowel needs to be retrained, just like your muscles when you go to they gym. It is a process. It is our goal and our honor to help others in their journey to maintaining optimal health.

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