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Colonoscopy Prep

Colon Hydrotherapy

A New Method of Colonoscopy Preparation

Many people avoid Colonoscopy due to the liquid preparation they are required to drink

In 2008, Danbury Hospital in Connecticut became the first hospital in the nation to begin using Colon Hydrotherapy as a preparation for Colonoscopy. According to Dr. Joseph Fiorito of Danbury Hospital, "Colon Hydrotherapy is much more convenient (than using conventional prep)." "People do not have to worry about missing work, having not to eat for extended periods of time, or being kept up all night with diarrhea. He also states that using Colon hydrotherapy versus traditional preparation is beneficial to the elderly and ill patients who are more likely to suffer electrolyte abnormalities and kidney damage from drinking harsh chemical laxatives. 

Protocol for Colonoscopy

The protocol does vary regarding the number of colonics that should be done prior to colonoscopy. Some recommendations are three consecutive Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions with the third being the day of the procedure. For anyone interested in using colon hydrotherapy instead of chemicals to prepare for the procedure should discuss this option with their physician. 

Colonoscopy Preparation

Don't Sweat the Prep

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