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Oxygen performs an essential role in preserving health of the body. Oxygen along with glucose are the principal nutrients every cell needs to produce energy for all its life processes. These functions involve molecule transportation, chemical compound synthesis and mechanical operations like contraction of muscles. Numbering in the thousands, these functions are occurring at all times, which enable the body to pump blood, fight infections, digest food, and process neural information.

Oxygen is an essential structural element of organic materials used as essential nutrients by the body, such as fatty acids and vitamins. Oxygen also fills a critical role in waste removal. As people get older, their bodies become less efficient at extracting oxygen and delivering it to the cells. Cumulative effects of poor oxygenation is a reduction in the movement of nutrients to tissues, impairment of essential chemical reactions and resultant deficiency diseases. A wealth of oxygen facilitates health and wellness and oxygen deficiency leads to illness.

Ozone is oxygen in an allotropic form, which means the oxygen molecule is in its most active state and therefore provides a more abundant supply to cells.

Ozone is produced naturally through flashes of lightning, as well as photochemical reactions of UV light on atmospheric oxygen. Nature’s purpose in this production of ozone is air purification, and destruction of organic decay that disease, germs and bacteria thrive upon. Ozone, like oxygen, functions as a healthful gas. The difference is ozone provides more antiseptic, germicidal and oxidizing power.

Ozone is considered among the most useful and energetic agents recognized by science. Its therapeutic possibilities are attributed to its ability to provide blood oxygenation through the extra molecule of oxygen found in the O3 compound known as free radical. The extra oxygen molecule is transported to organs and tissues to be absorbed, which oxidizes waste, and facilitates its removal. Specifically, ozone boosts metabolism without expending vital energy. The fact is that ozone is a natural remedy.

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