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Weight Loss Program

Why Our Weight Loss Program?

At Spring House we believe every individual is unique, the most important consideration of weight loss is you. Our goal is to educate our clients on the proven scientific principles of Naturopathic and Biological Medicine. According to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, many diets fail due to unrealistic expectations, failure to identify contributing factors in weight gain, wrong dietary plan, poor digestion, poor carbohydrate metabolism, food sensitivities, vitamin or mineral deficiency, intestinal imbalance, hormonal imbalances and mental/emotional issues.  What works for celebrities, friends, or family may not work for you.


Kick off the new you with our initial consultation.  We can develop an individual detox and weight loss program unique to your biochemistry. At Spring House we utilize state of the art equipment and supplementation to optimize your individual biochemistry. There are no shots, no stimulants, and no gimmicks. This is a life-changing detox and weight loss program that can be easily maintained at any age. Every client at Spring House receives individual attention and a customized plan to assure you are on the right path to ensure your weight loss goals.


It is our honor to bring clients BIOMED professional brand supplementation. Naturopathic and Biological Medicine principles are central to what makes BIOMED products different.  Biomed proudly serves many practitioners. Please refer to our page on BIOMED  

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