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Increased Energy & Endurance

Athletes can gain many benefits from ozone therapy when it comes to their performance and recovery. The infusion of ozone gas into the athlete’s body will improve oxygenation in the tissues and elevate the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), known as the body’s own version of fuel.

In this regard, ozone therapy may result in the athletes’ fast recovery from sports injuries and in increased energy, allowing them to withstand long hours of training.

The therapy further improves the athlete’s muscle flexibility and fast healing.  This is because medical ozone stimulates the metabolic activities of the cells and tissues to their optimum level.

As both an aerobic and anaerobic activity, exercise results in fatigue, which is the primary consumer of ATP and  responsible for the formation of lactic acid in the blood and muscles.

Fatigue and recovery time are two of athletes’ main concerns, as they have a direct impact on their performance level.  Ozone gas reduces the fermentation of the cells and aids in decreasing the accumulation of lactic acid.

Ozone therapy specifically functions to increase the muscle’s blood flow and the blood’s circulation. It enables athletes to work the same amount of load with much less strain on the muscles.

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