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Colon Hydrotherpy

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Weight Loss
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FAR Infrared Sauna 
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Ionic Foot Bath

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BALANCE Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum.


For up to date information on detoxing technology, weight loss, products, infrared sauna benefits & more, see our Spring House Blog .


Lymphatic Cleansing

At Spring House Health & Wellness we offer Lymphatic Cleansing which is the process of detoxifying the body by opening the routes of elimination and discharging toxic accumulations. We incorporate drainage techniques to cleanse and clear toxic accumulations from the body. We offer several packages to help eliminate toxins and improve your energy and vitality. 


Cutting Edge Nutraceuticals and Cleansing Programs

 At Spring House Health & Wellness we believe no two clients are the same. We have individualized programs to meet your specific goals and needs. Spring House Health & Wellness brings you the best services available in Middle Tennessee for a healthier you.

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BIOMED Biological Medicine

At Spring House Health & Wellness we have teamed up BIOMED to bring our clients the best pharmaceutical grade supplements available on the market today. Our exclusivity to carry Biomed Products in Tennessee sets us apart in the Health and Wellness Industry, and that’s the way we like it.  You will not find our products in big box stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, or even specialty vitamin shops.   


Dr Thomas Rau

 Dr. Rau is the Founder and President of the Swiss Homotoxicological and Regulative Therapy Society and a Board Member of the International Society of Milieu Therapy, Isopathy and Enderlein Medicine. He is considered a leading expert in Enderlein Therapy, Darkfield Microscopy and biologic tumor treatments. Dr. Rau is also Co-Founder of the Biological Medicine Network in North America.