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Increase Energy


Ozone works by increasing the amount of oxygen available to cells which stimulates oxygen metabolism giving you a much needed energy boost.


Bacteria and Viral Pathogens cannot survive in a ozone enriched environment. The range of illnesses and conditions that benefit from ozone therapy is extensive. Ozone benefits the body via immune modulation.


Ozone therapy helps to protect your cells from degenerative diseases and free radicals that cause tissue aging by stimulating the production of antioxidants.


Illness & Wound Healing 

Colon Hydrotherpy
Colon Hydrotherpy

Relax   Restore   Rejuvenate 

Our Services

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Weight Loss
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FAR Infrared Sauna 
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Ionic Foot Bath

New On-Line Store


For up to date information on detoxing technology, weight loss, products, infrared sauna benefits & more, see our Spring House Blog .

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BIOMED Biological Medicine

At Spring House Health & Wellness we have teamed up BIOMED to bring our clients the best pharmaceutical grade supplements available on the market today. Our exclusivity to carry Biomed Products in Tennessee sets us apart in the Health and Wellness Industry, and that’s the way we like it.  You will not find our products in big box stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, or even specialty vitamin shops.   

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