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New Year Resolution Heal Your Gut!

Colon Cancer is the number two killer of Americans today. In addition, Americans spend 400 million dollars per year on laxatives to ease the stress and pressure of constipation in the colon. According to medical studies, anywhere from 5 to 25 pounds of impacted waste material may be found in the colon. Prescription medications, food products that lack fiber, refined products such as fast foods and those that contain sugar increase the likelihood that one will have impacted waste. This impacted waste material often has the consistency of cement or “black tar encrusted into the walls of the colon like bark on a tree.”

Impacted waste material, along with low water intake and a lack of exercise have proven to slow the transit time of the bowel. As a result, this leads to constipation and putrification or rotting waste in the colon and in the body. To counteract such conditions, daily elimination becomes important to one’s health and survival.

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