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Adrenum 50 ml

Adrenum 50 ml

Adrenal Support, Stress, Fatigue

  • Homeopathic adrenal restoration
  •  Adrenal fatigue & exhaustion
  • Nervousness and weakness
  • with micronutrients Zinc & Selenium


As this formula works to revitalize and recharge the body’s energy levels naturally, it is effective for adrenal stress, adrenal fatigue, nerve weakness (neurasthenia), nervous exhaustion, weakness and collapse, debility, and mental depression.

Adrenum also contains micro-nutritional components that help to increase functions of the cerebro-spinal system, sympathetic nervous system, and vascular activity. These assist in a marked improvement in cases of drowsiness, mental depression, forgetfulness, over-sensitivity and over-excitability.


Each 100 ml contains:

  •  Anacardium orientale D3 10 ml
  • Aralia quinquefolia D3 20 ml
  • Avena sativa D3 5 ml
  • Caffeinum D3 8 ml
  • Camphora D2 2 ml
  • Selenium metallicum D8 20 ml
  • Sterculia acuminate D2 10 ml
  • Zincum metallicum D8 10 ml

Adrenum 50 ml

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