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Tikun Hemp™ CBD Oil

Tikun's hemp oils are made with Colorado-grown hemp extract based on Tikun's famous cultivar, Avidekel is the most researched high-CBD cannabis variety in the world. Naturally occurring THC has been removed, to provide the only broad-spectrum products with the Realm of Caring's Quality Seal. Using three different testing points at cultivation, extraction, and final product, Tikun Olam extracts the oil from the whole hemp flower, purifies it to a high degree, and then reintroduces the strain-specific terpenes while preserving the cannabinoid and terpene profile of Avidekel. With an avocado oil base and subtle orange flavor, this highly reputable tincture delivers aerial plant benefits with ease.

Realm of Caring Approved

Gluten-Free  |  Non-GMO  |  Triple Lab-Tested  |  Vegan  |  TCH-Free

Tikun Hemp™ CBD Oil

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